setting up a wamp local server on windows 7

Will WordPress run on windows?

In short, yes, with the help of Web Matrix, I really need to get this post rewritten as it doesn’t make a lot of sense, so save yourself some time and go straight to the Microsoft WebMatrix page 🙂

Many of us are fans of Microsoft! Don’t you all agree? Yes, and now, most of them are bloggers too. So is it possible, using the program, that’s specifically designed for bloggers, to run websites – WordPress, on our favourite OS Windows? Yes, WordPress can be installed on a Windows server.

But how shall we do it?

Does the procedure require any other special software? Yes. To install WordPress on windows, certain requirements are a must. It can be installed in two ways, one using Web Matrix and other using Web Platform installer.

Using Microsoft Web matrix.

This is a program that is needed to install WordPress on a windows system. Web matrix includes a complete set of programs required to install the WordPress up and running. Like,

  • MySQL– this is the database supported by windows which comes along with the Web Matrix pack.
  • PHP- Php is a coding language This helps you to add details to your website.
  • Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) to be installed on the server, or your computer (if you are using your system as a server-local host).IIS acts as an interface between the web pages, database, and the back-end
  • It also includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, etc to support the web pages, make deployment of the websites easier.

WordPress can also be installed on windows using Microsoft Web Platform installer (Web PI)

This is also another version available to install the WordPress. It also contains PHP pages, SQL version. Installation in windows is very easy, just as quick as a breeze, with its user-interfaces. Windows have everything, in the wizard form, enabling the users a smooth and easy installation.

Here’s the installation guide for Web Matrix. For this, one need to have admin privileges on the system.

Web matrix needs to be downloaded from the site. It automatically downloads other programs like SQL Server and IIS, ASP etc.

  • Once the program is downloaded, run the setup file.
  • After the Web Matrix opens, go to the web gallery, look up for WordPress. Install the WordPress.
  • This step installs all the supporting programs required to run a website or blog. After this, you need to create a database using the software installed by the web matrix.
  • After creating the database, you may be required to give your credentials.

After the WordPress installation, launch the WordPress site, by opening Web Matrix site. This will give you the link to your site. With this, you may open up any files you need, download or access the code and modify it according to your project or page.

WPI also follows the similar procedure.

With all these good features, it also has some drawbacks. They are

  • You always need a team of well-versed people, about windows. They must be able to do quick fixes.
  • There are minor faults which work with quick fixes. But this may bring down your page anytime. So, make changes carefully.
  • You need latest versions of Windows.


Best Web Hosting Singapore: 4 reasons for getting a good web host

A crucial aspect of running any kind of websites, such as an online store or a blog, is choosing the best web hosting in Singapore for it. This is a very significant aspect of setting up your website for a lot of very crucial reasons. If you are going to start a website right at this moment, you must first consider the various options you have for a web hosting service. Choosing the right kind of web hosting in Singapore will change a lot of things, for the better, for your website. These are some of the reasons for choosing a good web host.

  1. You will have more ease of mind.

With the right kind of web hosting, you may also be able to relax more. Security is the first thing that comes to mind when you choose a reputable web hosting service. Your website’s data is much less likely to be hacked if it is stored on secure servers. If you want to gain access to those secure servers, you should choose your web hosting service provider carefully. If you do choose the good one to store your website’s data on, you can rest assured that your website’s data will be safe and secure.

  1. You will experience less downtime.

Downtime can be a huge detriment to your website overall. Downtime can cause you to lose revenue, among other things as well. You could also potentially suffer in search rankings too since frequent downtime can be seen by search engines as unfavorable. You can prevent downtime from happening by choosing a reputable and reliable web hosting provider in Singapore. Check the reputation of a web hosting service, in order to see whether or not it matches their promised uptimes. You will need to choose a web hosting service that has got stellar uptimes and virtually no downtimes.

  1. You can improve your user’s experience.

Improving your user’s experience should be on of your goals if you are going to set up a new website. And by choosing the right kind of hosting, you will be able to do just that. A user’s experience, on your website, can be very much improved with the use of the best kinds of servers. Your users will have a much speedier experience navigating the various pages of your website. Not to mention, they will not have to wait as long anymore because of faster load times.

  1. You can increase the traffic to your website.

You may not realize it, but choosing the right web hosting in Singapore can significantly affect your rankings in search results. So if you want to optimize your SEO, you will also need to pick the right kind of web hosting service in Singapore. Be sure to choose one that is friendly to or at least accommodates various kinds of SEO practices. You will be able to potentially increase the traffic to your website if you have got an SEO-friendly web hosting service provider.